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7 bulletproof keys to stay vegan (and healthy!)

Tannia Falconer
5 min readDec 22, 2020


Is it getting hard for you to hold on to veganism?

Are you afraid of failing them? Yes, the animals. Are they the reason why you keep on the vegan path?

Do you feel staying vegan is the least you can do to stop animal suffering happening every second in slaughterhouses around the world?

How to avoid the pitfalls of this non-vegan world? Maybe you feel overwhelmed and want to overcome this situation.

I know those feelings. It took me 23 long years to go from lacto-vegetarian to vegan. And after almost ten years, I don’t have a single reason to go back.

If you feel identified, I can help you to not only stay vegan, but also to enjoy every day of your life being vegan… and healthy!

Here you have my 7 keys to stay strong as a rock:

1. Hold on to your why

Remember your reason to go vegan.

Never forget the main reason why you became vegan in the first place. It’s your anchor in the middle of the non-vegan turbulent ocean.

If you know the principles of veganism, you know exactly what triggered you to transform your mindset, an thus, your relationship with yourself and with nonhuman animals.

You know that veganism is not a trend nor a diet. It’s a life philosophy, a deep questioning of those forms of living which not only harm many sentient beings, they also harm ourselves and the planet.

It turns out that by becoming vegan you also contribute to stop the main cause of greenhouse gas emission, global deforestation, biodiversity loss, soil and water pollution, ocean dead zones, among other environmental concerns. And the Nº1 culprit is animal agriculture.

2. Check your health

A periodic health check-up is a good way to stay on the track.

No, veganism is not a diet. But if you are reading this, chances are that you have at least three opportunities a day to decide what to eat, why and how to eat it.

You care for animals, but you probably want to care for your own health as well. Because being vegan doesn’t mean being healthy. And learning about nutrition is essential to succeed in this paradigm shift.

Going whole foods plant based is the best way to prevent and reverse pandemic chronic diseases (e.g. heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity, cancer, etc.) which are directly linked to animal based diets and also to consuming highly processed foods. So, to avoid setbacks that will “unveganize” you, check your health periodically and be mindful of what you eat. Like everyone else should.

3. Veganize the foods you love

You can enjoy every single food you like in its vegan version.

It will take some creativity, but it’s worth it.

List all the non-vegan foods you love. You will soon realize there’s a plant based recipe for each one of them. And many are healthy versions.

Vegan processed foods are great for making the transition or as ocasional whim. They are way better for you and for the animals, because they are free of the toxins from their suffering. But remember that it is preferable to go for real food, no labels or disposable packages needed.

4. Learn from the experts

Read, study, research, learn. A lot.

Today it’s getting easier to become vegan. However, it is vital that you inform yourself. There’s plenty of unbiased science based evidence showing the benefits of a balanced plant based diet for preventing and reversing chronic diseases, and avoiding the greatest animal and environmental damage ever seen in history.

Now it’s also easier to get vegan shoes, clothes and vegan products from brands which don’t experiment with animals.

There are thousands of books, articles, courses, documentaries, videos, websites and blogs to find the latest information on veganism as well as infinite delicious and nutritious vegan recipes. Empower yourself through research.

5. Enjoy preparing your meals

How could you not?

There are colors, beautiful forms and fresh clean smells. Straight from the earth. There is life in vegan meals. No blood and foul-smelling parts of dead animals involved.

The biggest part of going vegan is food related. The other part is relationships, information, clothing decisions and getting vegan products.

If you learn to prepare and enjoy preparing your own meals, you assume responsibility and control over your own health.

Choosing what, why and how to eat it is self-empowering. Deciding to buy real food from local peasant businesses instead of highly processed products from the industries that profit from life (human and non human)is self-empowering. Making the decision to feed yourself is empowering.

6. Know yourself and avoid conflicts

Dig deep into your own mind to know your triggers.

This is a rare advice, you won’t find it elsewhere. There are plenty of initiatives and challenges to show you the basics of going vegan, recipes and nutrition facts. But none of them will tell you how to deal with this decision in the real world.

Ask yourself what leads you to conflict in your relationships. Then learn to acknowledge and manage your emotions to avoid conflicts with those who don’t agree with your values.

You will find many haters in your path; people who choose to feel offended or threatened by the vegan philosophy. Don’t mind them. You are not here to convince anyone. Empathize, because you probably were not born vegan. If you work on your self-awareness, you will find that is better to have peace than to be right.

7. Create a safe space to ground yourself

And make this a daily habit.

What is a safe space? It is an inner space to be only with yourself.

Why is this important? To find peace and tranquility, to free yourself from thoughts that create stress and anxiety. This will help you identify the essential amidst the noise.

You will find plenty of benefits from a quiet space and time for yourself: to breathe, to be still, to observe your feelings, to observe the sensations in your body, to acknowledge your being. This will help you to recognize the voices in your mind calling for different sensory pleasures (maybe unhealthy pseudo food), and be able to ignore them.

This safe space will make you feel grateful for having the sensitivity and courage to go vegan and stop contributing to the suffering of others. By being vegan you will also have more mental clarity which will be supportive of this peaceful state.

So, is there any reason not to stay vegan?

Do you find the reasons exposed here compelling enough? You have the power to decide. Try to avoid haters and naysayers advice, listen to yourself in your own safe and quiet space, where you can create your own vegan world.

Imagine yourself empowered through your food choices, contributing to a more peaceful world, free of human and non human suffering.

Imagine yourself eating plant based, feeling guilt-free, full of energy, with mental clarity, improved health and overall performance.

Imagine yourself certain that staying vegan is the most powerful transformation you can undergo for the animals, for the planet and for yourself.

And always remember that nothing that harms others can do you good.



Tannia Falconer

Life lover ❤ Vegan for life. Meditator. Vegan and whole foods plant based life mentor. I practice Ahimsā, the principle of nonviolence the most I can.